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Output Change Set Data

Outputting the changes between syncs has been requested by several clients recently. There's not an easy way to do it other than enumerate the change set. We are hoping we can fix this so this is a request for some feedback!

Currently we have added a Method called GetChangeSets() on the compareResult this returns an object with three DataTableStore objects Added,Updated and Deleted.

There is also a Helper Method to combine them into a DataSet with 3 tables, where you can then simply write the DataSet to a File.


public< override void AfterCompare(ProjectAutomationCompareResult compareResult)
            compareResult.GetChangeSets().GetAllChangesDataSet().WriteXml(<span class="str">"AllChanges.xml"</span>, XmlWriteMode.WriteSchema);                

Project Automation

One problem with the .NET DataSet object is it likes to munch on system memory so if the change set is large it's going to eat away at a lot of memory.

So I guess we're asking given a change set what do you want to do with it?

3xCSV files? 3xXML Files?

How would you see this working?

| Tuesday, April 19, 2016 |

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