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Sync Active Directory Group Members to SharePoint

We have created a new Data Synchronisation Studio Provider that allows you to synchronise the Members in a SharePoint Security Group. You may want to use this to keep the Members in sync with Members in an Active Directory Group.

This new Provider is in release 3.0.432 of Data Synchronisation Studio.


Synchronise Members from AD Group to SharePoint Group

Connect Data Source A to Active Directory

In this example we use a LDAP Filter to return only those users of a specific AD group, for example:

(&(objectClass=User)(memberOf=CN=SharePoint Team Users,CN=Users,DC=corp,DC=litware,DC=inc))


Connect Data Source B to the Microsoft SharePoint Security Groups provider

Choose the SharePoint Group to synchronise from the dropdown.


Adjust the schema map like this so that the AD Account Name is mapped to Login name and Display Name is mapped to Name. Account Name should be the Key Column.


Your completed project will look like this.


Running a Compare A to B shows the differences and you can now synchronise the member lists.


And now after synchronisation in SharePoint the Group Members is populated.


Now that the users have been correctly added to SharePoint you can also setup a standard SharePoint List sync with the User Information List to populate other meta data from AD into SharePoint. You can download and use a fully featured version of Data Sync Studio for 15 Days to see how this AD solution works.

Click here to go to Downloads.

| Tuesday, November 29, 2011 |