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System Documentation with Ouvvi

Do you have up to date and accurate integration documentation for your systems? If your integration is like most businesses the details are all hidden is some developer/consultant head. This is a risk to your business your systems integration becomes some magic black box and knowledge becomes lost over time.

  • How can you manage change?
  • What happens 6 months from now when you need to re-visit the integration?
  • Has the Developer left the company?

Now with Ouvvi Automation Server you can automatically generate compressive Documentation of your system integration detailing what connects to what and how everything is mapped. Create a valuable resource for your business.

This documentation can then be either saved in your favourite Document Management System (SharePoint?) or further edited in Word to match your corporate requirements.

Generating the Documentation is as Simple as clicking 'Documentation' on the Ouvvi Home page.


This then creates a HTML Document that can be opened with Microsoft Word and saved as a PDF etc.

HTML Documentation

Sample Documentation opened in Word.

Microsoft Word

| Thursday, August 29, 2013 |