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Using FTP and Simego Automation Server to Import and Export files

FTP continues to be a highly used internet protocol despite many innovative products like Dropbox, SkyDrive amd Unfortunately, due to some considerable complexity in implementing downloading and uploading FTP, developing your own solutions can be painful.

We have worked with our clients to provide the easiest and most consistently successful method of downloading and uploading files to FTP using the power and auditability of Simego Automation server and 'Wget', a well know and reliable HTTP. HTTPS and FTP command line application.

  1. Download the Wget Binaries and place them in a location on the Automation Server (Ouvvi).C:\Temp\FTPClient

Download the binaries here: in the bin directory is the wget.exe which needs to be copied.

  1. Create 2 new 'User Settings' in Ouvvi Settings -> User Settings -> Add Setting

Ouvvi Settings

  1. Create a new 'External Program' step in a project to call the wget command line tool download the files .

External Program

Running the above will download the i386.exe file to the working directory.

You can browse all of the functionality of wget here which includes an excellent way to synchronise FTP and local directories

| Monday, March 24, 2014 |