User Guide

Introduction To Data Synchronisation Studio

Data Synchronisation Studio is a Application to connect and synchronise Data between systems.

DS3 tackles the concept of Import, Export and Synchronisation in a unique way. Rather than looking at events or messages in queues which are typically complicated distributed systems and error prone. DS3 takes the approach of Set based Reconciliation with instant Data preview and NO State. This allows DS3 to operate exactly the same way every time to guarantee consistency and high performance through set based data sets.

To learn more about how to use Data Sync and how to get started visit our Data Sync Training Pages.

System Requirements

  • .NET Framework v4.6.2
  • Windows Server 2016, 2019
  • Windows 10
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1 CPU Core
  • 50 GB Disk Space

Ouvvi requires SQL Server 2017 (Express, Standard or Enterprise) Database and IIS 8.0+.

Developer Edition

The Developer Edition of Data Synchronisation Studio provides the Data Sync Designer and is intended to be run on a Developer Workstation for the Design and Development of your Data Integration/Migration projects.

The Developer Edition is not for production use and cannot run unattended processes.

  • Not for Production
  • Interactive use-only
  • License per Developer

If you have a team requiring multiple developer licenses, you might be interested in our Developer Team Pack License which gives you access to the equivalent of 5 developer licenses. Contact us for more information.

Server Edition

The Server Edition of Data Synchronisation Studio provides the Data Sync Designer and Ouvvi Automation Server and is intended to be run on a Server for both Development and Production use. The Server Edition does not require individual developer licenses as the server is licensed.

  • Production Use
  • Design and Development via RDP
  • Ouvvi
  • Single Server Activation

Server Plus License supports activation on 3 servers for a typical DEV/UAT/PROD configuration.


Installation is via a Windows installer package. To download the latest version please see our download page.


For Evaluation you can try Data Synchronisation Studio for a period of 30 Days. To obtain a Trial Key please sign up to our Evaluation here.

License Key Activation

Data Synchronisation Studio (Data Sync) is activated with your license key via your internet connection against The activation is refreshed every 15 days to keep the activation alive. To activate your license in Data Sync go to Help -> Register License Key, as shown below.

This will then open the Register License Key window. Enter your license key an click OK.

If you do not have an internet connection and need to activate your key, please see our page on Manual License Key Activation.

Moving the License

If you need to change your machine that has your license activated, log onto your account at, you may need to register for an account if you do not already have one. Then locate the license and corresponding machine and delete the activation.

NB: Remember to uninstall Data Sync from your old machine so then it does not attempt to re-activate.