Create a Connection Library

The below tutorial will cover how to create and save connections in your connection library and then how to use these in your data sync projects.

The connection library is a useful tool to make setting up projects simpler and easier. Saving you time by not having to re-enter connection details.

To begin open the connection window and choose your desired data provider. In this example we are using Dynamics. Enter in the required credentials and then click Connect & Create Connection Library.

Create Connection

This will then open a new window where you need to determine a name for your connection. Type in a name and press Ok, your connection has now been saved.

Name the Connection

If we go to the connection tree window and press Refresh.


We can now see that our connection is available to use.


We can also see our connection in file explorer by going to Tools > Open Connection Library Folder or by clicking on the folder icon within the Connection Library window.

File Explorer

NB: We will cover how to connect to each specific data provider in later topics.

Using your Connection Library

All of your saved connections will be available to see in your connection tree window.

Connection Tree

Connection Tree

To use the connections in your connection tree, go to the connection type you wish to use and expand the option. Then choose your desired connection. In the below example we are using dynamics and want to connect to the account leads entity. Expand the entities and locate the accountleads entity.

You can now either drag and drop the entity onto your source or target, or your can right click and choose either Connect to Source (A) or Connect to Target (B).

Right CLick Connection


If you receive any errors when trying to save your connections, then the problem is usually because of an issue with your credentials, user permissions or general issues with the connection you are trying to make.

Please visit the specific provider pages to check that everything is correct with your credentials and connection. If this does not resolve the problem then please speak to your system administrator to ensure you have read/write permissions to the system you are trying to access.