The Data Integration and Migration Solution for Salesforce

High performance, automated, easy to design data integration for Salesforce.
[Windows 64-bit Installer]

Use Cases

Import & Export to Salesforce

Ever found yourself struggling to get data in and out of Salesforce?

With Data Sync you can do this within a few easy steps. To export data simply connect to Salesforce, connect to a target (for example this can be a new SQL table from our quick-start functions.) Map your columns, compare and sync. To import just swap your connections: Connect to your source, connect to Salesforce as your target, map the columns, compare and sync.

Enhance your Salesforce Data

Take your data further and add lookups to other applications to enhance your Salesforce Data.

You can create a lookup just by dragging and dropping the source onto your connecting column, and then map the fields to your Salesforce objects.

Why not also transform your data with calculated columns, so that it is in the right format from the start. You don't need to edit your source data before starting: Work with what you have, to get what you want.

Migrate to Salesforce

Moving from an old system to Salesforce?

With Data Sync you can move your data in a matter of minutes. We've done all the hard work, so all you need to do is figure out how you want your data mapped and to configure the project.

It's as simple as Connect, Map, Compare and Sync.

Data Sync Salesforce Migration from Dynamics


Ease of Use

The performance of Data Sync at design time as well as at runtime make it incredibly easy to build out your integrated processes. Projects can be setup and configured in minutes rather than days or weeks. So anyone in your team can make and edit projects.


Data Sync & Ouvvi make for an incredibly reliable Data Integration Platform. Data Sync’s Data Reconciliation Engine married with Ouvvi’s reliable Queue based schedular ensure a robust and reliable data integration.

Customer Service

Our customer support is here to ensure that you have success with your Data Integration. We can help you get answers to your questions very quickly not days later.


Data Sync Designer

Fast Iterative Design Experience

Data Integration is an iterative process and in an ideal world you should be able to see the data changes before they happen.

With Data Sync you start with the basics and then build on that, updating more data as you go rather than trying and failing to get it right on the first run. With Data Sync you can just as easily update existing data as you can add new records.

Preview your Data

Make use of our preview buttons to check that the data has been correctly loaded from your source and target. You may even want to use these to check what data is available.

When you compare, you can view the data changes that are going to be made before you sync. Adding another layer of security and piece of mind that it will be right.

Once you've run your sync, either preview the target data to verify that the data was successfully synchronised, or run the compare again (if it worked you'll see 0).

Data Sync Data Preview
Ouvvi Reporting

Schedule & Automate

Any reasonable Data Integration project needs the ability to schedule and automate each project so that you don't need to be there.

Data Sync comes with the ability to schedule and run tasks built in. The Run Tool make use of windows task scheduler, and is great for small integration projects.

However, it's likely you want to run more complex integrations and for those we bring you Ouvvi. Ouvvi provides the ability to set triggers on each of your projects. These can be time based triggers, to run on your schedule, or event based so that your project runs every time there is an update to your system.

Data Synchronisation Studio Features

Connect to Files, SQL, SharePoint, Dynamics, Office 365 and many other data sources

  • Import + Export

    Import your data from various Data Sources quickly and easily. Apply Schema Mapping and Data Type conversion on the fly and Export your data to various formats.

  • Data Reconciliation

    Compare your Data with the target Dataset and create a difference Change set of ADD, UPDATE and DELETE actions to apply rather than drop all data and re-import.

  • Data Preview

    Preview all your data before any changes are applied and select which data you wish to change. Prevent those Oops moments!

  • Transformation

    Simple and Complex transformations via Calculated Columns, Dynamic Columns and Lookup features.

  • Lookups

    Use powerful Lookups to lookup data in other Data Sources, Create Mapping Transformation tables and more.

  • Connection Library

    Manage your connection configuration via the Connection Library and quickly and easily connect to data sources from the library.

  • Schedule

    Automate the execution of your Data Synchronisation Studio packages with Ouvvi, Task Scheduler, SQL Agent, Command Line or API.

  • C# Code

    Use the .NET Framework to create your own powerful Data Transformation Expressions. Execute your own code before and after the project runs and more.

  • API

    Use Project Automation to hook into the process and run custom code.