SQL Data Import, Export, Integration and Migration

The complete package for high performance, easy to design data integration and automation for SQL.
SQL Connections

Integrate your SQL Databases with external applications

Quickly create data integration between your SQL databases and Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Active Directory and more.

Create New SQL Tables

Use Data Sync to create new SQL Server tables from your data source schema information.

Simple SQL Integration

Use your existing SQL skills to transform data and integrate your data with other line of business applications.


Use data sync to enhance existing SQL Tables with data from other data sources. Use Lookups and Data Transformation to make batch changes to existing data.

SQL Data source

Use SQL Tables, Views, Stored Procedures and T-SQL Statements as data sources and synchronise with Dynamics 365, SharePoint, flat files and more.

Standard SQL Providers

Connect to many different database engines via ODBC, OleDB, SQL Sever, Azure SQL DB, MySQL, Oracle and more.

Incremental Sync

Sync data changes between data sources containing millions of rows with Incremental sync mode.

Schedule & Automate

Use Ouvvi, Task Scheduler or Command Line to schedule and automate your integration tasks.


Use SQL Databases for staging large data migrations and use your existing T-SQL skills or C# to transform data for migration.