Integrate and Migrate your SharePoint site

Manage your SharePoint data with Data Sync and Automate your data management with Ouvvi.
SharePoint Server

Integrate SharePoint with external applications

Pull in Data from your other systems into your SharePoint Lists and Libraries.

Create Lists & Libraries

Create SharePoint lists from data source schema information.

Import & Export

Import and Export SharePoint list data to and from SQL tables, views, Excel and more.

Schedule & Automate

Use Ouvvi, Task Scheduler or Command Line to schedule and automate your integration tasks.


Use Project Automation to call the SharePoint API's during the sync process.

Migrate data to your SharePoint Site

Import Documents from shared folders or other SharePoint sites.

File Import

Import documents and list data beyond the SharePoint list view threshold limits via indexed columns and incremental sync mode.

SQL Import

Import documents from SQL tables, converting blob columns to files at runtime.


Add meta-data to your document library files and automatically create matching folders in your library.


Enhance your SharePoint meta-data with data from external systems.