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Data Sync 3.0 - Run Tool

1 February 2011

Another new addition to Data Sync 3.0 is an upgrade to the run.exe program that you typically use to schedule Data Sync projects to run. Now this application is a full GUI application where you add steps and save as a *.dsrun solution file. Each step is either a Data Sync project or any other step type that we ship such as Email and SQL Task. Each step is executed in turn subject to the “RunCondition” which is a status of the current batch so if the batch is failing you can add a step of type “Email” with a “RunCondition” of “Failure” to send an email if the process is failing.

Main UI Window

UI Window

Sync SQL Database Wizard

Also we have a wizard in the program that can generate a batch of Data Sync projects and solution file to synchronise tables from one database to another without having to create each one in Data Sync.

Simply point the wizard at the source and destination databases, choose a save location and that’s it.


The Wizard then creates individual Data Sync project files and a solution file and opens it in the program ready to run.

Run Tool

Logging has also been improved to show you a nice list, the events are also recorded in the Windows Application log.


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