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Office 365 SharePoint Data Synchronisation

3 June 2011

We have built a new Data Provider for Data Sync that can be used to Synchronise Lists and Document Libraries including Metadata between some source and Office 365 SharePoint Online. For Example Synchronising Documents between an OnPremise SharePoint Server Document Library and SharePoint Online is quite simple.


  • Lists
  • Document Libraries
  • Lookup Columns (Automatic linking)
  • Choice Columns
  • Large Lists (over 2000 items) with Paging
  • Folders in Document Libraries


  • Data Synchronisaton Studio version 3.0.388 or higher
  • Windows Identity Framework - Download Here.

Connection to SharePoint Online


Schema Map between SharePoint and SharePoint Online

Schema Map

Compare Results

We can maintain the Created and Modified values and any folders are also created in SharePoint Online.


Synchronise the Data


All done


With this new Data Provider you can either migrate to SharePoint Online from OnPremise or just publish some of your business data to the cloud. As with everything Data Sync you can setup a regular schedule to push content into SharePoint Online very easily.

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