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Ouvvi Refresh

8 November 2011

Were working on a refresh of Ouvvi and creating better integration between Data Sync and Ouvvi so that eventually they will become one product together. The UI has been refreshed with a more modern look and feel.


Project Steps


Opening Data Sync Projects from Ouvvi now integrate with Data Sync and can simply be saved directly back to the Ouvvi Step without having to re-Import.


Changes to Ouvvi Include

  • View Queue and Queue Failure Tables
  • Re-Submit a Queue Failure back to the processing Queue
  • Stop/Abort a Running Instance
  • Aborting a Running Instance now injects a ThreadAbortException
  • Queue Peek support to prevent multiple instances of the Same Project from the UI
  • New REST URL's to remotely start a Project i.e. http://localhost:4000/Project/Start/10
  • Simple Step re-ordering
  • Change the Order of Projects on the Project View
  • Control the Re-try count per Step
  • Control the Failure Mode per Step
  • Enable/Disable Steps
  • Import/Export Project definitions
  • Synchronise Running Threads back to main Project
  • Step Handler for SQL Batch
  • Support for OleDb, SQLClient and ODBC Data sources in SQL Commands
  • Custom Step Handlers are loaded in the Database
  • Updated Log Views
  • Cross browser support

Were also working on new features as we get ready for Ouvvi 2.0 Were creating report views so you can see statistics about processes running in Ouvvi. Were also working on a solution which will submit log data to the “Ouvvi-Cloud” and allow us to create iPhone/Web Apps so that you can view the status of your running system from outside of your corporate network. (Handy for Remote Support)

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