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Data Synchronisation Studio 2012

2 April 2012

The latest version of Data Synchronisation Studio has gone live today, this release has had major re-work to allow loading of much larger data sets and to significantly reduce the memory usage of the application. Our reliance on the .NET DataTable object is now gone and we created a new object to store the data which uses fast disk based storage instead. This also allowed us to improve Dynamic Columns so that DBNull.Value is now gone and is just NULL and you can now use Nullable in you Dynamic Column properties.

For example loading an comparing Data Sets of Millions of rows so now possible. For example below is a screenshot of Data Sync loading and displaying over 18 Million Rows from a CSV file.

Data Sync

We also now have a new Social Panel on the Start Page so that you can see our latest Blogs and Tweets right from within the application.

Start Page

This release includes our new Data Generator Provider which with Dynamic Columns allows for the generation of Sample Test Data or for you to connect to other data sources we haven’t created a provider for. With the Test Data Generator you can further transform your data such as creating Pivots etc.

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