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Manually Setup Ouvvi : Data Sync Team Server

15 August 2012

This guide shows how to setup the default Ouvvi Database manually from a Script which maybe your only option when installing the database onto a remote SQL Server. Ouvvi requires a Database on SQL2008, 2008R2 or 2012 and also runs with the free SQLEXPRESS editions. Your SQL Server must be configured to accept Standard SQL Accounts.

When Ouvvi starts it first offers the automatic option and this will connect to your Database server using Integrated Security from the Logged on user of the Browser. This can fail against remote servers or if this user does not have the required permissions.

Note: If you get an error trying to access the Ouvvi Web Page check that you have Windows Authentication Feature in IIS installed and activated on the Ouvvi Web Site.

To configure manually, select the option to generate a SQL Script of the database.


Now you need to enter some details for the script generation, specifically the SQL Database and SQL Username (SQL Stored Procedures will be granted Execute Permission with this Username) and the Ouvvi server that is running the Notification Service (Usually the current machine).


This will now create a SQL Script that you need to execute on your SQL Server to create the Database Structure and default Static Data.

SQL Script

Now you need to create a configuration file so that Ouvvi can connect to your database. Create a new XML Text File called Ouvvi.config and place it in directory C:\ProgramData\Simego\Ouvvi This File should contain the SQL Connection String to Ouvvi an example is shown below.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<configuration > 
<connectionStrings >  
<add name="ConsoleDB" connectionString="data source=.\SQLEXPRESS;initial catalog=Ouvvi;integrated security=false;persist security info=true;User ID=Ouvvi_User;Password=password;" / > 
</connectionStrings >
</configuration >

You can then Click Home in your browser to take you back to Ouvvi home page. You may get a Schema Error where the database needs upgrading and by following the same procedure you can generate a Script to bring the Database up to date.




Then once the Database is all configured and correct you can then access the Ouvvi Home Page. Which details the last few steps to start the Ouvvi Processing service and start creating projects.


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