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Ouvvi Data Sync Team Server - Configuration Management

31 August 2012

With Ouvvi Data Sync Team Server you can manage Data Sync project settings from a Central Location with the 'User Settings' page in Ouvvi. This allows you to easily switch Databases from Test to Live, specify credentials etc.


When the Step is run inside Ouvvi or downloaded the configuration variables are expanded so that the value in the settings list is replaced with the value in the Data Sync project.

To enable a setting on a project to be managed this way you must edit the Data Sync project file before uploading into Ouvvi.

Open the project in Notepad and locate the configuration variables. For example to enable the SharePointUrl to be managed this way add a value in ConfigKey below.

So this:

<Parameter Name="SharePointUrl" Value="http://deathstar/test" ConfigKey="" />

Becomes this:

<Parameter Name="SharePointUrl" Value="http://deathstar/test" ConfigKey="OurSharePointSite" />

Then when you upload the project into Ouvvi it will create a new User Setting for OurSharePointSite with the current value that allows you to easily switch the value at runtime.

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