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Getting Starting with a Trial Evaluation

30 November 2012

Introduction - DS3 is so simple you can just 'Get Started'!

Data Synchronisation Studio v3 (DS3) is moves data between computer systems without the cost, effort and risk associated with developing a system integration solution. You point DS3 at the data source and then the target and DS3 makes one side equal to the other. In more advanced cases DS3 will make both sides the same! Make change on either side and it synchronises with the other.

Starting an Evaluation

Step 1: Download the latest trial

Download the latest trial from here.


Step 2: Click the zip file and then click on the Data Sync installer


Step 3: Approve running the installer


Step 4: Install the application and Finish


Step 5: Run Data Sync for the first time:


Getting a Trial License for DS3

Once started DS3 will ask for a key. Just send an Email to us requesting a Trial/Evaluation Key to, we will send you back a trial key within a few minutes and if you give us some detail on what you need to integrate eg, CRM + SQL, we have more quick start guides for many situations.

Step 1: Request Key.


When you have your response back from support it will contain a key like this (this is not a valid Key!!): QETSC3-SWSEZH-SRS4XM-S4EQHX-1YW4U6-HQ1BWA-U

Step 2: Click on the 'Enter License Key' button and paste in the Key.

Enter Key

Step 3: Click the OK Button to enter Data Synchronisation Studio

Data Sync

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