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Data Sync - Incremental Sync Support

27 September 2013

Data Sync (beta) now includes a new compare mode that allows you to easily implement incremental synchronisation scenarios. This makes it very easy to add/update a small-ish subset of records against a target system that may contain many millions of rows.

For example if you have a 20k row set of inserts and updates to compare against a 200M data-store you can now use Data Sync and it will only compare the 20k items to workout the inserts and updates automatically. This makes it incredibly fast to apply a change to an existing large data-store.

We have support for the following providers with the new Incremental Sync option :-

MS SQL Server ODBC OleDb Podio SharePoint 2010-2013 SharePoint Online / 365 Dynamics CRM 2011 - 2013

If you use this new feature with Data Sync Automation Server (Ouvvi) you can easily design an incremental project that only requests changes since a point in time from your data, compare this with the target and move the date along automatically. Allowing you to design effective real-time synchronisation of your systems with little effort. To find out more and discuss your requirements please contact us.

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