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Ouvvi Automation Server - Instances

18 October 2013

Ouvvi Automation Server can now be licensed and configured to support multiple isolated environments on a single server. This is great if you want to separate your line of business applications or create a clear separation between DEV and PROD environments on the same machine.


Each Environment has an individual Database, Windows Service and Website therefore ensuring that each Instance/Tenant is completely independent of the others. This ensure that you can separate both the operation of the integration and who has access to the environment.

Each Instance shares the Data Synchronisation Studio installation on the server.

The number of instances on a physical machine is limited only by what is practical, since each instance requires it's own dedicated Windows Service the maximum we would recommend would be 20 instances on a single server.

The instances are licensed individually if you would like to talk to us about this configuration please get in touch via our support desk

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