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Simple Application Integration with Simego Online

17 March 2014

This is a quick example of how we used Simego Online Platform to quickly provide some application integration between our systems without coding. (Implementation time 30 minutes)

We started out like a lot of people were we had a website then a LOB application (Helpdesk) both systems were independent with their own Database, list of users all hosted on Windows Azure. This was fine for a while but then it got to a point where it would be nice to at least link the user profiles.


Simego Online and Data Sync to the Rescue, by setting up a simple Simego Online project to run a Data Sync project based on users updating their profile on our main website, profiles in our HelpDesk are kept in Sync.

We used the SQL (Azure) Trigger in Simego Online to run the project when ever a change was made so that changes were reflected in near real-time.


The benefits here are this is all managed in the Cloud on the Simego Online platform, so we do not need to manage any servers, databases On Premise and the whole process just works!

We could so easily now add another project to sync user profile data into Dynamics CRM or other systems all automatically.

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