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Ouvvi 32/64 bit Data Sync Options

15 April 2014

We have a new release of both Data Sync and DS3 Automaton Server (Ouvvi) that enable the ability to run both 64-Bit and 32-Bit processes from a single installation.

The 64 Bit version of Data Sync now ships with 32 bit components as well, and from Ouvvi you can choose how to run the Data Sync Task. This can be either In-Process (Default) this is how it works today, and we have two new options External 32-Bit Process and External 64-Bit Process.

These new options run the Data Sync Task in a new Process that is either 32 Bit or 64 Bit, this enables you to mix sync tasks when you need to access 32 bit Legacy ODBC Drivers whilst maintaining an 64 Bit Installation.

To set the execution mode you simply select the mode of operation on the Data Sync Task in Ouvvi.

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