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If your product or service was a person, would you like them?

23 June 2014

Think of the service you provide and give it a personality and a name like ‘Jim’.


Think of yourself as a consumer of you service and product:

  1. Appreciate that every time you interact with ‘Jim’ you form an opinion about him.
  2. If you ‘love’ Jim, you will tell all your friends and invest your credibility in promoting Jim’s abilities.
  3. If you ‘hate’ Jim, you will tell all your friends and invest time in avoiding Jim or bad mouthing him.
  4. If you don’t trust Jim, you will never invest time getting to know him.


Jim can influence you by:

  1. Responding to questions and requests clearly and accurately.
  2. Not Ignoring you.
  3. Not Ignoring your opinion.
  4. Being attentive during conversations.
  5. Asking your opinion.
  6. Valuing your opinion.
  7. Valuing you personal information.
  8. Valuing your relationship.
  9. Being endearing.
  10. Apologizing when he makes a mistake.
  11. Introducing you to his friends that he knows you’ll like.

Not an exhaustive list bit you get the idea. It is important to notice that if Jim pretends to be someone his is not it will only backfire. Asking for your address so he can introduce you to his friends nearby and then telling everyone where your live is not endearing.

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