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Multiple Isolated Ouvvi Instances

14 July 2015

As of release 3.0.930 of Data Synchronisation Studio it is now possible to install multiple instances of Ouvvi on a single Server. This allows you to create a instance for say DEV, UAT and PROD on a single server. Or you could use this to break down a large Ouvvi instance into smaller Line of Business processes or similar.

Each instance has it's own SQL Database, Connection Library, User Permissions, Ouvvi Service and version of Data Sync. This allows you to test new releases of Data Sync and Ouvvi without impacting a production instance.

Because of this change, Ouvvi is now distributed as part of the Data Sync install rather than a separate install. The install of Ouvvi is a manual process that involves pointing IIS to a directory that holds a copy of Ouvvi and running the in-browser setup and configuring the Windows Service.

We will be documenting the installation process shortly however if any clients would like to try this out please get in touch via our support desk.

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