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Data Sync and Ouvvi Update

9 October 2015

There have been many updates and features added to Data Sync and Ouvvi recently with the release of Data Sync 3.0.966 and Ouvvi 2.5.346.

It was time that we listed the changes so that you could see what we have been up to.

The two major features are the Ouvvi Multiple Instance support, great for DEV/PROD configuration on a single server and Data Sync Item Events allowing you programmatic control during the target write phases.


New provider that supports Amazon S3 Blobs, Read and Write Files to Amazon Blob Storage. Easily upload and download files with Amazon S3 Storage and use MD5 hash to verify the change.


Support for Azure Storage Blobs with the File System to enable simple upload and download of files into Blob Storage.

Support for Azure Storage Tables, simply synchronise your Data with Azure Table Storage. Add additional attributes and support for batch operations.

Both Azure Providers now support the connection registry and Server Explorer.

Data Sync

Active Directory

Active Directory provider now supports Automation Item events allowing you to intercept operations against AD and to extend the functionality. Such as Setting Passwords on new accounts etc.

public override void AfterAddItem(object sender, DataCompareItemInvariant item, object identity)
        Trace.WriteLine("AfterAddItem->{0}", identity); 
        using(var entry = DataSourceB.GetDirectoryEntry(identity)) 
            var uac = (int)entry.Properties["userAccountControl"].Value;            
            uac = uac | 0x10000; <span class="rem">//Password never Expires
            uac = uac &amp; ~0x2; <span class="rem">//Unlocked
            entry.Properties["userAccountControl"].Value = uac;
            entry.Invoke("SetPassword", "!password123");
            entry.Properties["pwdLastSet"].Value = -1;            

Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM Connector, supports Dynamics CRM 2015 and also implements Automation Item Events when Batch and Thread Count equal 1.

Dynamics CRM Fetch Xml Provider

A new provider for Dynamics CRM that takes a FetchXml Query as the source, this can either be a Saved Query in CRM or a hard coded Xml.

File System Provider

The file system provider now provides real-time feedback during the data load to allow for stop operation and also supports the Automation Item Events. File System can be configured to only return files that have been modified since a certain date.

Grouping Analysis Provider

New provider that can be used to group and summarise data, supports the usual set of aggregate functions.



The OData provider now supports Automation Item Events.

OpenXML Provider

New Provider for Excel using the OpenXML format eliminates the old 32/64bit issue with the previous excel provider that targeted the Microsoft Office OleDb drivers.


The Podio Items provider now supports Automation Item Events.


SharePoint providers ClientAPI and Online have been updated with new client libraries and support for the new Automation Item Events. This allows you to intercept operations against SharePoint to write your own implementation or other required functionality.

Simego Web API

The Simego Web API provider now can connect to Ouvvi to enable Read-Write operations against the Ouvvi Database to sync up Projects, Steps etc.


The SQL, OleDB and ODBC providers now support Automation Item Events. Also we have added Helper Functions ExecuteNonQuery, ExecuteScalar and UpdateSourceRow to enable simple write back scenarios.

Support for SQL Server LocalDB instances.

Values Service Re-Direction

When your project is running under Ouvvi you can now re-direct the Values Service to obtain values from the Ouvvi User Settings Store. It is possible to both Read and Write against User Settings hosted in Ouvvi via the Values Service.

Ouvvi User Settings

Creating Project Properties with the same name as Ouvvi user Settings causes the values of the properties to be updated at runtime from the Ouvvi User Settings.

Ouvvi Multiple Instances

You can now install multiple instances of Ouvvi on a single server, each instance is isolated from the others. This allows different versions of Ouvvi and Data Sync to be running on a single server to aid upgrade scenarios. Each instance of Ouvvi has a SQL DB, Windows Service, Data Sync install and private Connection Library. You can mix this configuration to suit your requirements.

Ouvvi Instances

Ouvvi Connection Library Re-Direction

Opening a Data Sync project hosted in Ouvvi will cause the Connection Library of Data Sync to be re-directed to the Ouvvi Server hosted version.

Ouvvi Data Sync Project View

You can now view the details and mapping of a project directly in Ouvvi without the need to open the project.

Data Sync Project

Ouvvi Data Sync Connection Mapping

You can now re-map the connections of a Project hosted in Ouvvi without opening the project in Data Sync.

Connection Mapping

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