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Ouvvi v3 Beta

Ouvvi v3 is here and ready for you to try out.

22 June 2017

Ouvvi v3 is finally here in beta ready for you to try out. To get the latest version please download from

There has been a big re-write of Ouvvi to move away from ASP.NET Forms and onto ASP.NET MVC, we dropped all the Database Stored Procedures to make the Database simpler and the Ouvvi Service now runs over HTTP.

Ouvvi v3 runs on Windows Server 2012R2 and Windows Server 2016 also runs on Azure Web Apps with Web Jobs as well as VM's from AWS/Azure etc.

Ouvvi v3 is 64 bit only at this stage unless there is demand for a 32 bit version.

We have adopted Windows PowerShell to make the installation process as easy as possible. The Default install will also use SQL Server LocalDB as the default Database engine. This is fine for small deployments anything large should be deployed on SQL Express or Full SQL Server.

The Video below shows how to install Ouvvi v3 onto a default Windows Server 2016 image with Default Settings.

PowerShell Script used in this Demo

Import-Module OuvviAdministration


Upgrading from v2.5 is very similar with a little more PowerShell

Powershell Script used in this Upgrade Demo note the use of paths and other settings that will be unique to your current setup.

Import-Module OuvviAdministration
Stop-Service -Name Ouvvi*
Stop-WebAppPool -Name Ouvvi*

Install-OuvviUpgrade -targetPath C:\OuvviTenants\Default -Url http://localhost:8080
Set-OuvviDBUserDBOwner -targetPath C:\OuvviTenants\Default -UserName "OUVVIV3\Ouvvi"

Start-WebAppPool -Name Ouvvi*

Start-Service -Name Ouvvi*


This version of Ouvvi V3 has been running our internal processes for several months on internal VMs and Azure Web Apps and uses a version of Data Sync that is very close to the current release version.

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