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Ouvvi v3 and Azure SQL DB Outage

How did Ouvvi V3 behave with Azure SQL DB Service outage?

20 July 2017

Something odd this morning, each day we receive a status email from our Ouvvi v3 to say what happened in the last day. Today's email reported nothing which was odd so I needed to investigate was it an Ouvvi v3 issue or something else.

Email Notification Message

So logged into Ouvvi v3 hosted on Azure Web Apps with SQL Azure DB. Here we can see its been down from 18/7 – 20/7 getting a SQL Timeout against the Azure SQL DB. This log is actually from the Azure SQL DB so must of been working some of the time to be able to write the log.

Good news is that once the SQL DB started working again Ouvvi simply recovered without any assistance.

Ouvvi System Log

Looking further as to why there was this problem, I found on the Azure Status page that there was an issue on SQL Database for West Europe. Odd since the time window appears much bigger than is reported and another SQL DB on the same Azure SQL Server had no issue at this time.

Azure Status Log

At least we now know it wasn't an issue with Ouvvi v3 rather the services it depends on. Once these were restored all was OK once again.

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