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Ouvvi's New Connection Library

What is Ouvvi's Connection Library and why might you use it?

4 December 2017

Ouvvi has now been developed to have a another useful feature 'the Connection Library'. By using this to store your connections in Ouvvi it makes connecting to targets and sources as simple as dragging and dropping from the connection tree view in Data Sync, and by selecting the connection from a drop down list in Ouvvi.

The Connection Library can be found under settings and has the following connection options currently available:

  • Active Directory
  • Dynamics 365
  • SharePoint & SharePoint Online
  • SQL Server (OleDB & SqlClient)
  • OleDB Databases
  • ODBC Databases

Connection Library

Configuring Connections

You can configure your connections by choosing one of the above options and then entering the required details:


In this example we will configure a SQL Database connection by choosing the SQL Server (SqlClient) option. In this we have entered the Server Name, for example:(localdb)\MSSQLLocalDB and the Database Name, for example Northwind.

SQL Connection


We will also configure a SharePoint Connection by selecting the SharePoint Online option. For this we will need to enter the SharePoint Site URL, for example , and we will need to enter our credentials.

SharePoint Connection

These connections can now be viewed in our Connection Library:

Connection Library

Putting the Connections to Use

The Connection Library can be used for configuring connections within Ouvvi, for example setting up triggers that link to providers such as CRM or SQL. The library can also be used within Data Sync projects contained within Ouvvi.

Data Sync Connections

To show how the Connection Library makes connection to your Source and Target in Data Sync simple, lets set up a Data Sync Project. In Ouvvi create a project by going to Projects and then 'New'.

New Project

Enter in a title and description for the project, like below, and press 'Save'.

Project Details

Then add a Data Sync Step to that project. To do this go to add step, them more, then select Data Sync Project from the list.

Add Step

Add Data Sync

Enter in a title and description for this Data Sync Project and press 'Save'.

Data Sync Project Details

This creates a default empty Data Sync project.

Data Sync Project

To open this project in Data Sync click 'Open Project'. When in Data Sync go to the Connection Tree View at the left of the window, locate the Data Source you wish to be your Source and either drag and drop onto DataSource A or right click and choose set as Source (A).


Then do the same for your chosen Target.


Configure the schema map so that all the fields you want are included, and then run a Compare to ensure your data is pulling correctly.
You can see that this project is connected to Ouvvi and the Connection Library by the URL in the title bar of the window. Connection Library (http://localhost:9090/datasync/save/1)


Save the project and return to Ouvvi. Now looking at the project details in Ouvvi we can see that we have connected to our SQL database and SharePoint site. This is now ready to run.

Connection Library Project

If you have any questions, send us a message.

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