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Dynamics 365 - Slow Discovery Service

Changing How Data Sync Connects with Dynamics 365

24 April 2018

Data Synchronisation Studio connects with Dynamics 365 first through the Dynamics 365 Discovery Service to obtain the URL to your Organisation SOAP/WCF Service endpoint. Starting this week we have noticed this call taking > 90 seconds to complete. This makes everything way too slow every interaction with Dynamics 365 was taking nearly 2 minutes to complete.

We therefore decided to remove the Discovery Service from the connection, this means we need the URL to the Organisation Service to establish the connection.

First you will need to get this URL from your Dynamics Instance from Settings -> Customizations -> Developer Info

Dynamics 365 Organisation Service

You will find the URL is like this

Next you will need Data Sync version 3.0.1138 or higher currently this is available here

When you create a connection to Dynamics 365 now you have a new form to enter the connection details and need to enter the URL and authentication details.

Dynamics 365 Connection

That is basically it, you should notice that connections are much faster like a few seconds. If you have existing projects linked to Dynamics 365, update your Connection Library connection to use the new URL and you should be good to go.


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