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Summer 2018 Release

Data Sync & Ouvvi Summer 2018 Release Update

24 July 2018

Here we have a round up of the major new changes to Data Sync and Ouvvi for our Summer 2018 release.

Data Sync

Dynamics 365

Faster connection to Dynamics 365 by bypassing the Discovery Service and connecting directly to the Organisation Service Endpoint.

Dynamics 365 Connection

Dynamics 365 Connector now targets Dynamics CRM SDK v9.0.2 with support for Multiple selection Optionsets. Dynamics version 2016+ now uses a specific writer so that multiple requests are no longer required to set record owner.

UpdateSourceRow support in Dynamics connector to write back to CRM Record in Project Automation.

public override void AfterAddItem(object sender, DataCompareItemInvariant item, object identity)
    var properties = new Dictionary<string, object>() 
                        { "new_sync", true } 
                    } ;
    DataSourceA.UpdateSourceRow(properties, (Guid)identity);


New ADO.NET connector to connect to ADO.NET compliant Data sources.

The ADO.NET connector supports schema browsing via the ADO.NET Schema Tables, Connection Library, Lookups, Lookup Functions, Incremental Lookup, Incremental Data Load and INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE target actions. Some of these features are subject to the driver implementation.

Connect to ADO.NET

ADO.NET Drivers


Deployment Manager

New Deployment Manager for Ouvvi instances to enable quick and easy deployment of Ouvvi. The Deployment Manager enables deployment of new instances and update of existing instances.

Deployment Manager

Log Instance

Logs on child processes now create their own log instance so that when you call an Ouvvi Project from another project the log is recorded against the actual project running with a link back to the parent log.

So now when one project calls many other projects you will see the status against each project rather than the project calling the projects.

Project View

ForEach Step Handler

The ForEach file step handler has been updated to be more robust and no longer ties up a processing thread in Ouvvi waiting for the project to complete.

Teams Message Step Handler

You can now post a Notification Message to Microsoft Teams via the new Teams Message Step Handler in Ouvvi.

Microsoft Teams Notification

Web API Step Handler

The Web API Step Handler can now save the response to a file so can be used to download a document for further processing.

Copy Project

You can now use the Copy Project feature to copy a project in Ouvvi including all the steps in an existing project.

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