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Introduction to Ouvvi Online

Ouvvi in the Cloud - Simego Managed Ouvvi Instances

20 March 2020

We are launching a cloud version of our Ouvvi product for those customers who would prefer we managed the deployment and maintenance of the Ouvvi Web Application.

Ouvvi Online is a Multi-Tenant version of Ouvvi where we look after the infrastructure hosted in Amazon AWS. We take care of running the Ouvvi Server, Operating System Licensing and Patching, SQL Database management and backups, SSL/TLS endpoint Security, Monitoring, Ouvvi Software Upgrades etc.

You simply deploy an agent which connects to Ouvvi Online over the internet to run your projects and steps.

With Ouvvi Online you can monitor your project and steps from any internet connected device without the need to remote desktop to your Ouvvi Server on your internal network.

Ouvvi Online Overview Diagram

Your Data flows from the source to the target via the Agent and does not flow though the Cloud so your data remains on the agent network at all times. If you use Changesets or Ouvvi Apps then this data will be stored in your Ouvvi Cloud instance.

Agents can be deployed on Windows Servers, VMWare/Hyper-V, Cloud Servers AWS/Azure and Windows 10 Desktop PCs.

Please see our Ouvvi Online Documentation for more information about deploying Ouvvi Online Agents.

Our Ouvvi Online Instance

We migrated our internal systems to Ouvvi Online a while a go and continue to run our internal systems on the same platform ensuring that we are using the same products and services as our customers.

We use Ouvvi Online to manage our Online Store and manage our internal notifications. The data we get from Paddle is not very good so we use Data Sync + Ouvvi Apps to build better reporting and notification system.

Ouvvi Operations Screenshot

Demo Instance

We have a demo instance of Ouvvi Online available where you can log in and take a look.

You can access the demo instance here : Demo Instance

Then sign in using the following credentials:

  • Username: demo
  • Password: simego

If you would like to try an Ouvvi Online instance please contact our support team and request an Ouvvi Online instance.

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