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Ouvvi Online – Remote Working

Ouvvi in the Cloud - Access and Monitor your Workloads from the Cloud

24 March 2020

In the current situation with Covid-19 home/remote working is now the norm. If you are used to running Data Sync+Ouvvi OnPremise then you typically would be using Remote Desktop to access your DataSync+Ouvvi server.

With Ouvvi Online the Ouvvi Web Management end is hosted for you accessible from the internet, from here you can view and manage your Data Sync projects and other automation processes. The Agent (the part that does the work) will run close to your data i.e. on your server in the office. However you could also deploy a local agent that runs on your remote/home PC to handle any Internet hosted services like Office/Dynamics 365 or part of a migration to cloud services and away from managing On Premise servers.

Ouvvi Operations Screenshot

You could also deploy your own DataSync+Ouvvi instance on a Cloud provider like AWS/Azure/VPS Ouvvi Online is for those that are looking for a simple solution to data integration, automation and to reduce operational costs.

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