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Coming Soon: Data Sync V4

A sneak preview at the new Data Sync in development now

11 February 2021

We've been busy since the end of 2020 working on a new version of Data Sync, and although it isn't yet finished I thought I would take the chance to give you a preview of what is coming.

This new version, Data Sync V4, connects to your Ouvvi workspace so you can develop, manage and edit your projects straight from your desktop.

Data Sync V4

We've found that it isn't always obvious how Ouvvi and Data Sync go so well together. Because of this many of you are not aware of how much Ouvvi can help with management and scheduling of your integration projects, let alone the other possibilities Ouvvi opens up to you. So we thought to help with this, lets try to combining the two together.

Over the last year we have played around with the idea of making Data Sync built into Ouvvi, however every time we've tried to do this we found that core functionality kept being lost. So this led us to wonder, what if we brought Ouvvi into Data Sync?

This is what we are developing now.

You will still be able to use Data Sync locally without the need for Ouvvi, with a local connection library. But for this post I'm going to talk about how it improves your experience with Ouvvi.

One of the big things we kept hearing is that the installation of Ouvvi felt very intimidating, so we've already implemented an easy installer that installs the pre-requisites at the same time as installing Data Sync. You can see more on this here. So this will become part of the standard installer for Data Sync 4 going forward.

Workspace Editor

The new version has what we have termed the Workspace Explorer. This is where you connect to your Ouvvi site and can view/access your connection library, projects and steps, triggers and user settings.

Workspace Explorer

From here you will be able to right click onto items to run, create or edit.

Tabular Views

One of our key reasons for creating a new version was to be able to edit multiple steps and projects within the same window, to make designing projects a quicker and more efficient process. In version 4 this is now possible! You can have multiple Data Sync projects, along with multiple Ouvvi Steps open within the same window. Each item opens as a new tab within the window and will be highlighted when you are viewing it.

Open Multiple Items

This will allow you to edit projects side by side, without the need to open multiple windows.

Running Projects

When developing your integration projects it can be useful to be able to run projects to ensure they are configured correctly and each step is running as expected. Within Data Sync V4 you will be able to run your projects manually from your desktop, with the log output being shown as they run. Starting projects this way will run them directly from your Ouvvi server.

Execute Project with Logging

You will still be able to run your projects from the Ouvvi site and projects will still run if they have triggers applied to them.

Creating New Groups, Projects & Steps

Another key feature will be the ability to create steps, projects and groups from your desktop without needing to browse to your Ouvvi site. We have found that being able to create steps on your desktop made project building seem faster and flow better. So this functionality has been added in.

You will be able to create a step by right clicking on your project and choosing "New Project Step". Then select the step type from the list and the configuration page will appear as a new tab.

Add New Step

Editing Steps & Projects

The capability to edit projects and steps will also be available. So you can make quick changes during development without needing to browse to your Ouvvi site. Simply open the step or project, make the changes and save.

Edit Step

You will also be able to add and edit connections in your connection library. So if a password needs updating or credentials need changing, you can do this quickly from the designer.

This view uses our Dynamic UI that we mentioned in the October update, which allows us to render the components to either the web page or the desktop app.

Move, Reorder & Copy Steps

We also thought it would make development of your projects easier if you could drag and drop steps to reorder or move them between projects, so this functionality has also been added. If you drag a step and hover over a closed group or project it will open it so then you can add it to the project in the order you need it to be in.

To quickly make copies of your steps you can right click and select copy from the list, you can then use the F2 shortcut to rename your step.

All of these features have been added with the thoughts to make development smoother and faster, with no frustration.

Import Existing Data Sync Projects

You will also be able to quickly import a Data Sync file as a new step by right clicking on the Ouvvi Project you want to add it to and selecting "Import Data Sync Project". If you are not currently using Ouvvi, it will be easy to add all of your current Data Sync projects in bulk, using this feature. You may need to change the order that the projects are listed in, if you want them to run in sequence. But using the drag and drop function, this should only take a moment.

It will also be possible to drag and drop your existing Data Sync files from the file explorer into your chosen Ouvvi Project. You can move either a single file at a time or select multiple files and drag them into your chosen project.

Anything else?

Alongside the development of version 4, we have also been exploring different connector options with Node.js and Go. This is instead of using ASP.NET and C#. You can see some of our sample connections so far on our github page.

By having these examples we are hoping to make building your own connectors more accessible, and maybe giving you the confidence to write your own to connect to any systems we don't have a connector for. Let us know how you get on and we can always help you with some pointers if you get stuck.

The new Active Directory connector we mentioned in our October update has been a little waylaid, but we will be carrying on with it's development once the new version is released.

On another side note, you may have noticed we have updated the pricing page to allow you to purchase multiple server licenses, just select the number you want from the drop down and proceed to the checkout. You can also purchase additional licenses mid-term and have them co-termed to your existing license. If this is something you want to do, please either contact us or log in to your account and you can manage this yourself.

As always, if you have any questions send us an email and we will be happy to help.

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