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Automate Export of Data from Dynamics 365

With Data Sync it's really easy to setup an automation task to Export Data from your Cloud based CRM 2011 or 2013 instance to an on-premise SQL Server for inclusion in what ever on premise applications require the data from your CRM system.

For CRM Dynamics online you will also need to install the Windows Identity Foundation (WIF).

Simply setup a Data Sync project to Connect to CRM and a Local Data Source (Data Sync can create a SQL Table automatically from the CRM Schema with the SQL Table Wizard).

To improve the performance only sync the specific columns you need, remove the unwanted columns from the Schema Map and only the columns in the Schema Map will be requested.

Data Sync

Compare the data to get a Change Set to apply to your On-Premise database


Sync the changes.

Compare Results

You can then set the project to run in the Run Tool and maybe run several other exports as well or transformations.

Run Tool

Run Tool

Once the project is running successfully in the run tool you can then schedule it to run with Windows Task Scheduler so it runs every day.

| Friday, March 25, 2011 |