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Dynamics 365 Entity Trigger

We have updated the CRM Entity trigger in Ouvvi release 2.5.350 (Data Sync v3.0.972) to support CRM 2015 and also CRM Online.

Simply enter the base URL to your Dynamics CRM Server ( for CRM Online) and the Organisation Name along with the Credentials. This is the same as when you connect to CRM in Data Sync as Ouvvi is actually calling the Data Sync CRM Provider for this.

The trigger runs a FetchXml query against CRM to get the MAX of modifiedon from the Entity you specify. You can optionally add a FetchXml Filter if you want to only trigger based on a subset of values in a given Entity.


Multiple Triggers for the same CRM Server will re-use the same underlying connection and therefore running multiple CRM Triggers to the same CRM Server is pretty fast.

Typically any projects linked to a CRM Trigger will be run within 30 seconds of a CRM data change with the default configuration.

| Monday, November 23, 2015 |