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Dynamics 365 Import Limits

As 'Customer Relationship Solutions' become more and more utilised in industry, IT departments are going to be migrating/importing more and more data. Dynamics CRM is an excellent CRM solution and as such will continue to be the focus of many import/export scenarios.

The Dynamics CRM Import Wizard has several limits due to it 'uploading' the source data and fetchsql results.

I though I would just post a few screenshots to illustrate how easy it is to import and export data to and from Dynamics CRM 2011 (and 4.0) with Data Synchronisation Studio. What is more important is that we can change the source re-sync, ie make a mistake, fix and re-sync:


What may be more interesting is the speed:


For a 35 Second video of developing the import from SQL to CRM: Watch as we sync from start to finish in 35 seconds!

| Wednesday, August 8, 2012 |