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Import/Export/Sync Data with Dynamics 365

Updated: This post was superseded by this post due to new features and the added support for Dynamics CRM 2013.

With Data Sync 3.0 we have added a data provider for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. With this provider you can read/write data to CRM 2011 including the hosted online version. This provider is written from the ground up with .NET 4.0 and uses the new WCF services to read and write the data.

For CRM Dynamics online you will also need to install the Windows Identity Framework (WIF).

You can connect to any CRM entity and sync data from any of the Data Sync supported data sources, i.e. SQL Server, ODBC, OLEDB, SharePoint, Exchange, OData etc. If your planning on a migration project to CRM 2011 Data Sync is an ideal tool to manage data transfer as you can quickly migrate data in a repeatable and controllable manner.

As Data Sync 3.0 also includes Dynamic Columns you can also use Data Sync to decorate existing records with additional metadata by building these Dynamic Columns to reference the additional metadata.

Simply connect to your CRM instance by entering your credentials (Live ID for Online), Url and choose your organisation and entity.


You can then simply map your data in Data Sync and sync away


Away you go

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Download Data Sync now here, connect to CRM Online and export and import whatever data you need.

| Tuesday, March 1, 2011 |