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Import Documents as Dynamics 365 Attachments

This is an example of how you can use Data Sync to migrate/import documents to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

This example assumes you have your files arranged into Folders where the Folder name is the name of the Account that you wish to link the file to.


Step 1 - Connect the File System Provider to the Root path that contains your Files.


Step 2 - Create Calculated Columns to Return Missing Metadata.

CRM Requires that the File data is passed as a BASE64 encoded string, simple create an Expression to convert the File data to Base64 like this.

Calculated Column

We need an Object ID Type code of account so we just return the string 'account'.

Calculated Column

Finally we need to map the path to the account name with a Lookup function.

Calculated Column

Step 3 - Connect Target to CRM

Then Connect your Target Data source B to the CRM Annotation Entity and map like this.


That's it just compare and sync for a true No-Code (kinda no code anyway) solution :-)

| Tuesday, June 4, 2013 |