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Dynamics 365 Real Time Synchronisation - Ouvvi Server Feature

DS3 Team Server or Ouvvi has a Triggering system that can be used to provide almost real-time synchronisation. Internally Ouvvi has a 30 second clock that evaluates configured Triggers and when they need to be fired any projects associated with that trigger will be queued for execution. This feature is completely independent of your CRM system and does not require any special installation onto your CRM Server.

One Trigger that Ouvvi has is the CRM Entity Trigger, this trigger queries an Entity in CRM for any updates since the last change (createdon, modifiedon). If this changes then the Trigger is fired. The benefit to this method is that changes are replicated quickly and unnecessary scheduled syncs do not need to occur. To create a new CRM Entity Trigger go to the Triggers view and choose Add Trigger


Then choose the CRM Entity Trigger


Then configure the Trigger by entering your CRM Server Details and the Entity you want to monitor. (leave credentials blank to use the Ouvvi service credentials)

CRM Trigger

That's it .... you simply then attach this trigger to the Ouvvi projects you want to execute when changes are made to this entity. It's important that your projects are configured to run in the Single Instance mode so that they do not run in Parallel.

| Monday, December 10, 2012 |