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Connecting to Podio

14 March 2013

We currently have two providers for Podio one for Space Contact Items and one for Space Apps. To connect to Podio you will need to locate the Podio providers in the list of Providers and the easiest way is to use the search function.


Note: Leaving the OAuth settings blank will allow Data Sync to use our default application settings with Podio, you can override these with your own Podio API keys if you like.

Click on the Credentials property and this will then bring up a web page where you need to authenticate with Podio and grant Data Sync permission to connect to your account.


Once connected you can then pick the App in Podio to connect to from the App Drop-down list.

The Silent property prevents updates to the app INSERT/UPDATE from being reported to your Activity Stream.

Connection Properties

Clicking OK will then popup the Connection Library option which is a new feature that allows you to save credentials for use again later. The OAuth credentials will expire after 28 days so it's a good idea to save these in the connection library so you can easily update them again later.

Save Connection

That's it now your connected to Podio and you can start designing your integration or migration.


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