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Ouvvi Update for 2016

19 February 2016

We have a new Data Sync and Ouvvi update available for download in beta.

The main changes in this release relate to updates to Ouvvi.

We have refreshed the UI a little to make it a bit cleaner and removed some unnecessary tabs and options.


Short-cut Mini Menu to recently used Step Types so it’s quicker adding a new Step to an existing project.


Colour Themes - Set the Visual Colours through CSS.

Colour Theme

Colour Theme

Colour Theme

Stop and Start the Ouvvi Service from within Ouvvi. Follow the tutorial if you are unsure how to do this.

Service Control

Version History, now you can view the Data Sync project configuration in History View and download a copy of an old version or restore the version to the current one.

Version History

Re-use the Connection Library in Ouvvi Step types, for example use a SQL Server Connection in the SQL Batch Step handler.

Connection Library

New Step Handers, UnZip a File and Change a Trigger Status.

Updated Azure SDK version for Azure File upload and download.

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